Mix & Match Insurance Brokerage, LLC is a fast growing company offering a broad spectrum of insurance solutions, risk management consultation, and related services to individuals and businesses. There are no limitations to the size of the insurance service we can handle. Our brokers are dedicated to providing an extremely fair and professional insurance shopping experience with our client’s best interest in mind. We strive to help each of our clients by guiding them through numerous insurance choices and build a long-term relationship by being the best in the following:

Services  With our endless resources and professional expertise, combined with consultative approach and direct relationships with all the leading insurance providers in America, our brokers will shop around for the ultimate mix in price and protection to match your unique insurance needs.

Claims  In the case of an accident or catastrophic loss you can always rely on our professional advice and help to recover insurance compensation without interruption of your personal and/or business life.

Referrals  We strive to gain business from your family members, friends, and coworkers by providing exceptional service and insurance solutions for you. It is with pride that we conduct a business by referrals.

Svetlana is a highly energetic, entrepreneurial, passionate leader and dedicated insurance expert with a history of surpassing customer’s expectations. Since opening her first insurance agency in 2003, her focus has always been based on providing an exceptional insurance service to a wide network of clients. After working with her first agency for a number of years and with growing needs from her high profile clients for a broader spectrum of insurance protection choices the time had come to expand and transition to an independent insurance brokerage.
Svetlana has the advantage of being fluent in both English and Russian. She has a master’s degree in math from the state university of Belarus. Outside the work hours she enjoys spending time with her growing family, reading, and being updated in the economic and political world of news. Her favorite activities include playing tennis and traveling.

Alfiya Murtazina
Customer Relationship Manager & Insurance Broker

Alfiya is a goal-oriented individual who knows what she wants in life. She is detail-oriented and is praised by many on her dedication and hard work. She has over thirty years of sales experience but never tires of learning new skills and applying herself professionally. She holds a Master’s degree from the prestigious Moscow University of Commerce.
Alfiya believes that every problem has a solution. Her critical thinking skills, years of experience, and work ethic have equipped her to become one of the best candidates for the insurance industry.
She is very personable and enjoys sharing ideas with others. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and meeting new people. She is a proud mother of two grown children and a recent grandmother.

Aron Shubin
Insurance Broker

Aron recently joined Mix & Match Insurance team as an independent insurance producer. He is highly skilled and dedicated to serving his customers’ needs. He has a background in mechanical engineering MS from Russian State University, St. Petersburg, Russia. Having held positions in automotive and various other industries, he is able to leverage his experience and analytical skills to provide the best insurance coverage options to customers. Aron is fluent in both English and Russian. Being bicultural, he can relate to customers with diverse backgrounds. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, staying up to date on current events, and reading. He loves to travel, play chess, and solve challenging cross word puzzles.

Elena Malyar
Insurance Broker

Bingo, you've found Elena!
From now on, finding suitable business, rental, home or auto insurance is no longer a game of chance! As an independent broker, Elena will not only get you the best price for the best coverage (duh!), but will also give you those priceless little tips that can save you big bucks and headaches in times of need (knock on wood). Elena is of Russian, scratch it!, Siberian descent. She earned her Master’s Degree in Economics and Management at Kemerovo Technical University, Russia and has extensive experience in marketing and management. Elena is married, loves spending time with family and friends and is a proud soccer mom! So go ahead, have a collusion with Elena!